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About Wescott Bodies


Wescott Body Construction: Fiberglass with Steel Cage (Page 2 of 2)

Hefty "Slam 'Em" Doors

Doors are double wall (an outer panel and an inner panel.) The doors have a steel framework inside, with reinforced hardware mounting areas and a side rail (on most models.) Doors come fully assembled and installed to the body, with durable hardware. They have a hefty weight, solid fit, and slam just fine (if you want to.)

Trunk and rumble lids are constructed in this way as well.

Shown: 32 Chopped 3-Window Coupe, showing the internal door steel frame in the front, with side rail. Optional roll-up window hardware is installed the coupe doors. (Note: the roadster doors are hefty too.)

Doors Fit Properly

The bodies are built square, to themselves and to the chassis. The rigidity of the steel helps keep the bodies square. Doors are built in a special jig that ensures that they correctly shaped and hardware is mounted properly.

As a result, the door alignment is excellent, and there are no uneven gaps at door edges.

Shown: '32 roadster door alignment.


Steel Side Rails

For safety, steel side rails are built into the steel framework in cockpit, cowl and doors (most models.)

Stress Areas Reinforced

Stress areas and hardware mounting places are reinforced, such as the roadster door posts.

Hardware Innovations

Along the way, Wescott has made many innovations and improvements in hardware for durability and function.

Shown above: 32 Roadster, front body mount and Wescott hi-lift trunk hinge. Shown at left: steel side rails and cowl steel, with optional Wescott hidden hinges.